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Hi, welcome to Useful Links. Please dump some links and make your own categories. 🙂 Maps: McBroken: Map that gives… read more Useful Links

Aesthetic reference

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Aesthetic reference – theory

Internet cats family tree poster inside the book Digital Folkore by Olia lialina & Dragan EspEnschiED.

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Aesthetic referent – Sophia Reedijk

The Beanery is a life-size, walk-in artwork created in 1965 by the American artist Edward Kienholz. It represents the interior of… read more Aesthetic referent – Sophia Reedijk

Personal Zine Contribution – Kinga

alternative porn guilty pleasure transcending state of mind higher consciousness exquisite harmony A confession I confess; I find pleasure in… read more Personal Zine Contribution – Kinga

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Aesthetic reference – Bas van Brandwijk

For my aesthetic reference I picked the uninvited Guest project by Superflux. Superflux uses speculative design to visualize the dangers… read more Aesthetic reference – Bas van Brandwijk

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Inspirational referent – Bas van Brandwijk

For my visual essay inspirational referent I picked the Indirect Flights project by Joe Hamilton. This artwork has inspired me… read more Inspirational referent – Bas van Brandwijk

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library exploration – theory

find the Gombrich, the story of art (survey text). Draw a line on something. Read the first chapter. Make the… read more library exploration – theory

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I dont have a picture of the biblioderive card but my task was to go to my favorite spot in… read more Biblioderive

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Biblioderive | Mette

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Biblioderive – Sasja Houba

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Theory Biblioderive

CARD 1: Introduce yourself to a stranger in the library. Write their name in large letters at the bottom of… read more Theory Biblioderive

Biblio DĂ©rive

I picked a book about Gerhard Richter because I remembered the name vaguely, I then realized that it was written… read more Biblio DĂ©rive

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Biblioderive -Karya Anliak

My task was: So I heard my classmates talking about films and I went to the movie and film section… read more Biblioderive -Karya Anliak

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Visual Essay Aesthetic Example -Karya Anliak

Klaus Rinke Time and Body Transformations A photographic essay to show the passing of time:

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Visual Essay Plan – Nicole Mano Yafe – 1001229

First, my plan was to create an animation. My theoretical source was Hito Steyerl, Is the Internet Dead? (single essay): and… read more Visual Essay Plan – Nicole Mano Yafe – 1001229

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Aesthetic reference

Ines Alpha – 3D makeup/filter creator

Biblioderive Yip van Ravens

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biblioderive- Theory

I started with this card and went to the library at school. These are the books Puck picked out for… read more biblioderive- Theory

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Theory – BibliodĂ©rive

natalia-library exercise